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Aguilar de Campoo, dominated by a XII century castle situated at the Peña Aguilon crag, is a key point in the route of the Romanesque art in Palencia’s province. Aguilar’s historic city centre has been declared as Heritage of Cultural Interest.


Its background tells us of Iberian, Roman and Visigoths. Its history is so rich that we should concentrate in the Romanesque representations which can be found in the village, but we should also enjoy the popular architecture of its old centre.

9Chapel of Santa Cecilia (Aguilar de Campoo)

8Monastery of Santa María la Real (Aguilar de Campoo)

7Church of Santa María (Aguilar de Campoo)
6Collegiate Church of San Miguel (Aguilar de Campoo)
5Chapel of Santa Eulalia (Barrio de Santa María)
4Church of Santa Cecilia (Vallespinoso de Aguilar)
3Monastery of Santa María de Mave (Santa María de Mave)
2Church of Santa María (Valdegama)
1Church of San Andrés (Gama)


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